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Brahim Krikaz , Knew from young age that he wanted  to be a successful young Man link  africa with Europe on the Business levels he began working toward his goal by  starting Gibraltar Morocco Business Exchange initiative en collaboration with  his partners at Gibraltar Morocco business association based  In Gibraltar and strait of Gibraltar association based  in Tangier City , Morocco  , a 32 years old young Man  come from Law background with his degree of  5 years of university studying Private - public law and business 

He Moved to Over seas British Territory Gibraltar at the beginning of 2017  after serval business trips to work for International communication limited Company which been as  he discribe it  a great opportunity to build and develop the idea of linking Europe with africa via Gibraltar on the business levels , its was real time to invest his Knowledge of napoleonic law  and adapte it to common law and Build a strong Bridge of Business Exchanges between tow continents   

for the past 10 years Mr Krikaz has been relentlessly searching for ways to improve the project and  the ability to adapt to changing times and technologies in the business community which  has proven well for him  outside of the office , Mr Krikaz is involved in serval charitable organizations as well  in order to help others who are in  needs .



Managing Director

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