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Company Services and Tasks 

  • In pursuit of the company to achieve the vision of 2020 - 2025 manifested in encouraging and expanding the mutual investment climate between Gibraltar British overseas territory and the kingdom of Morocco by providing the following tasks  and services :

  • 1- Providing services for companies which are : organizing  or contributing to the organisations of  business exhibitions and galleries , business days , seminars , meetings , conferences and workshops 

  • 2- Participate in directing and assisting companies to develop thier partnerships as well as assisting them to improve the  import and export of goods and services

  • 3- inform companies of economic and commercial informations , Ensuring services by finding potential  businesses  and markets in order to facilitate Trade relations between Morocco and Gibraltar in both directions 

  • 4- Preparing publications, bouchures , advertisements   of an economic nature which serve the companies 

  • 5-Ensure the promotion of Gibraltar and Moroccan companies by organizing serval business  international demonstrations between Gibraltar and Morocco 



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