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GMBA calls need for Gib Morocco relations ‘crucial’

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

17th March 2020

The Gibraltar Morocco Business Association highlighted the “crucial” need for a good relationship between Gibraltar and Morocco. The comments were made after last weekend’s events when just under 100 individuals were “potentially stranded” after the Moroccan authorities closed all borders to control the spread of coronavirus. Steven Marin and Brahim Krikaz, Directors of the Gibraltar Morocco Business Exchange, and board members of the Gibraltar Morocco Business Association, organised their safe return. The men reached out to Morocco’s national airline, Royal Air Maroc, and with the help of the Royal Family of Morocco, arranged their return. This helped people stranded in Morocco to return to Gibraltar, and those stuck in Gibraltar to return to their homes in Morocco. Those who were in Morocco were also provided with free water, food and free access to phone lines and the internet to speak to loved ones. This effort was praised by the Gibraltar Morocco Business Association, who said: “This happy ending proves how crucial it is for Gibraltar to have direct and strong relations with Morocco.” “We encourage everyone to reach out to the GMBA and become members of it in order to be able to be guided and assisted by them should they need it.” “The GMBA and the GMBE would, for example, be able to provide the best possible guidance in establishing a business in Morocco or to assist in any emergency situation.” For general information contact the GMBA on +350 22504014 and the GMBE, located in Tangier, on +212 539325293.


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