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New Gibraltar Morocco Business Association launches

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

-advertisement- A group of business people have been mooting the idea of setting themselves up into an association with the aim to foster business, cultural, touristic and educational links with our neighbours over in Morocco. We are all concerned about Brexit and feel that Morocco can and will be a viable alternative to our over reliance in Spain, we must not forget what happened in 1969 when Franco closed the frontier and essential supplies, workers , alter wine, gas stopped overnight, same scenario could happen again given the upsurge of the far right in Spain with Vox, PP and Cuidadanos alliance. We are happy that Gibraltar Government has been planning on all eventualities as seen in last week’s Viewpoint and that there are in advanced negotiations on ferry links to be operated from Algeciras and Tangiers. This can only be good move by opening up possibilities for Gibraltar this now needs to be promoted for both tourist and the business community. The business community needs to change their logistical routing of their goods or source them from or via Morocco they may need assistance in understanding legislation, rules and or regulations of Morocco and feel this association may be able to assist given our own individual experiences in doing or working in Morocco. We have organised this first public meeting on Thursday 21st March JMH Charles Hunt room at 7pm to discuss how best we can assist Gibraltar, and move forward and help in opening the whole of the African continent to Gibraltar. Contact Brahim Krikaz on +350 54058819 for more information.


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